Weight Loss And Management

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A delicate subject for us all, with emotional and biological consequences, weight loss demands a sensitive and trusting, non-judgmental, doctor-patient relationship. Stuart B. Kipper, MD and Associates provides the supportive atmosphere that is ideal for those finally ready to succeed once and for all.

Weight Loss and Management

The topic of weight and its implications is a difficult one for many patients. One's weight can have an immediate and long-term impact on our physical and emotional health. Both are affected when we are too far away from our healthy goal.

I have always taken a realistic view when treating my patient's weight. I rarely have to spend too much time discussing how it affects our sense of wellness. Patients want a plan, one that leads to results. In truth, success with weight loss and subsequent management demands a sustained commitment and an individualized approach with every patient. Luckily there are now many treatment options available. Time to discuss each and every option is the hallmark of my concierge practice. Whether it comes from surgery, when appropriate, to careful and temporary use of medication and supplements, more holistic and alternative approaches, or some combination dove-tailed to a healthy diet and exercise - all is worth considering. The end game for me is a healthier you.

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