Integrative Medicine

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By including the patient as a partner in the pursuit of optimal health, Integrative Medicine improves a doctor's opportunity for success. At Stuart B. Kipper, MD and Associates, truly personalized healthcare demands the coordination of all aspects of a patient's uniqueness in order to heal illness and maintain health. Learning to juggle (integrate!) the needs, beliefs, expectations and capabilities of each patient is what makes integrative medicine work.

Integrative Medicine

How Integrative Medicine Works With Traditional Medicine

The incorporation of Integrative Medicine into a traditional medical practice is more than Chinese herbs and incense. Integrative medical care takes a more holistic approach to a patient's health. Rather than treat a disease or a symptom as an isolated condition, integrative care is an approach that sees the patient as a whole. It addresses the mind, spirit, and body as moving parts of a complicated machine - "you." The best use of Integrative Medical Care involves a thorough knowledge of the patient, their inclinations, and their unique traits. Integrative care often allows patients the opportunity to avoid more traditional treatments like pharmaceuticals and can serve as an adjunct to disease prevention.

Integrative medicine begins with the doctor-patient relationship. I always begin by listening, asking questions, and listening some more. If Chinese herbs or incense can help, I will say so. Over thirty years of experience have shaped my understanding and appreciation for those things frequently considered non-traditional. Acupuncture, acupressure, massage therapy, herbal remedies, certain supplements, meditation practice, yoga, reiki, and many other alternative treatments can and do work. The power of Integrative Medicine is its ability to truly blend its benefits into a well designed traditional plan for health. As I am apt to say - "whatever works, works."

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