Heart And Cardiovascular Disease

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In the United States, the number one concern, cause of health problems, and premature loss of life are the numerous issues that adversely affect our hearts and cardiovascular systems. Internal Medicine focuses greatly on prevention and early treatment of these issues.

Heart and Cardiovascular Disease

How Cardiovascular Disease Affects Your Health

Heart and Cardiovascular Disease remain the leading cause of death in the United States. It is not only treatable but preventable. Your heart is the muscle that keeps you body moving and your insides nourished and able to do their individual and symbiotic jobs. The vascular system that connects your heart to each and every cell in your body is as important to your health as your heart itself. Problems in these areas affect everything and can lead to negative consequences to our body and its health. Conditions like high blood pressure and cholesterol, heart failure, heart rhythm abnormalities, heart attacks, stroke, and diseased blood vessels are few of the many that can and do affect our health and well-being.

Steps to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

I begin with a thorough knowledge of each patient's family history and an inventory of their individual risk factors. I can help design an optimal health regimen and reduce those risks. A complete physical exam and appropriate baseline testing is a good start. Follow-up evaluations and timely assessments keep the focus on health and healthy living. When a special test or cardiovascular specialist is warranted I will arrange that without delay. Preventing and treating heart and cardiovascular disease is made easier in my office because it begins with trust and our dedication to delivering the best current care possible to keep your heart and vascular system healthy.

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