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At Stuart B. Kipper, MD and Associates in Encinitas, California, you can achieve the effortlessly smooth skin you desire with laser hair removal. Unwanted body hair is a common problem for both men and women. Shaving, depilatories, tweezing and waxing are time consuming, inconvenient, and painful. Worse yet, they are temporary. There is a solution… Laser Hair Removal. Our Icon Laser can eliminate body hair leaving your skin feeling smooth and healthy.

Hair Removal with Laser Technology Q & A

How does it work?

Hair grows from deep within hair follicles embedded in the skin. It does not grow continuously, but in several phases (or cycles). Laser treatment affects one of these phases, the Anagen phase, when the hair is actively growing. During this cycle the hair follicle is susceptible to the laser’s effects. As all hairs do NOT cycle at the same time, multiple treatments will be needed over several months to remove all hair from the treated area.

What to expect:

Hair removal is quick and simple. Patients feel a slight rubber-band like snapping on the skin as the self cooling laser is delivered to the area being treated. The discomfort is minimal and is over almost immediately. The skin treated appears as though a mild sunburn has occurred but you will be given a ‘post-laser’ cream after the procedure to minimize any irritation and soothe and comfort the skin. Depending on the area treated, you may require 4-6 treatments for complete success.






*Individual Results May Vary