Disease Prevention

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Keeping my patients healthy keeps them out of the office, allowing them to live a more full, rewarding, and active life. At Stuart B. Kipper, MD and Associates, we are always available but we prefer that our decisions made ahead of time give you more time to enjoy your good and sustained health.

Disease Prevention

Physicians are trained to recognize, evaluate and treat disease. We all know the saying "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure". These sayings, along with Grandma's special recipe for whatever ails us, are honest, credible, and effective strategies to enlist in our mutual efforts toward good health.

I believe in prevention and I'm not opposed to Grandma's recipes. However, office visits for routine and timely evaluations of a patient's health are just as important as knowing what to do when they are ill. Appropriate follow-up, laboratory testing, and necessary radiologic screening and specialist involvement can prevent things from escalating to a full-blown problem. I encourage healthy lifestyle choices, and I stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and expert recommendations. I spend the time necessary considering all possible benefits that might complement each patient's plan for health. Of course, staying healthy and working toward improved health remain the best ways to stay out of the doctor's office and hospital. In my office, I spend time on disease prevention so my patients don't spend time on suffering from disease.

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